The computer lab that was housing the Academy courses was too restrictive. The space was limited and the structure was traditional. How can our students think outside of the box when they are stuck inside of one?

Current Classroom

Old classroom

We needed to design a new creative space where our students would be free to explore, collaborate, and innovate. The great minds at West Allegheny came together to design a brand new state-of-the-art studio space! 

The new studio space will be equipped with:

  • Small tables coated with IDEA paint
  • Large block tables
  • An interactive projector
  • A cart of 22 laptops
  • Flat Screen TV
  • 12 iPad Air 32GB (Mobile Apps Class)
  • XBOX 360 with Kinect
  • Playstation 4
  • NES system (Original Nintendo System)
  • Cables/Controllers/Games for systems and TV
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Gaming chairs
  • Wireless interent
  • Walls painted in a color scheme and design suggested by the students
Studio blueprint

Studio blueprint

What was an old library classroom is now in the process of being transformed into a Game Design Studio! IDEA paint will transform traditional tables into whiteboards where students will be able to brainstorm and write with dry erase markers. Large block tables will provide space for collaboration and innovation. Students will personalize their work space with a custom paint job. The open design plan will free students from the “box” of a traditional classroom and allow for the freedom of thoughts and creativity. The latest technology will ensure students receive the best modern learning experience. Students will physically enter a design space that gets them in the frame of mind to do creative, collaborative, and project-based work.

Current progress

Current progress

We are currently in the process of ordering the furniture for the room.  The paint and decorative design will be finished over the summer. We will begin holding courses in our new Gaming Studio this spring!

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