From the Teacher

Chris Lucas, Entertainment Technology Academy Teacher

Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas

“The Entertainment Technology Academy has really created a high interest among students for the technology field and school in general.  Our district is really at the forefront in many areas.  This allows us to offer something great for students that have an interest in entertainment technology.  At the same time it is drawing interest to a field that is in high demand in today’s workplace.  There is a stigma around “Computer Programming” that it is boring or only for the top students.  But the field of programming is so exciting, and this academy has allowed us to draw the students in.  The thing that I find most important is bringing students from diverse backgrounds into computer programming that may not have tried it otherwise.  I think what those students have to offer is imperative for this field.  To really be at the forefront in technology, it is very important to have a wide range of opinions and thought processes.

As a teacher I love being a part of this.  I began my career in the alternative school setting.  I loved teaching in that setting because of all of the different types of students you were able to have an impact on and work with.  One of the things I put a lot of effort into is building relationships with the students, and that is a big part of this program.  In addition, it is very rewarding to create a collaborative environment for students from various backgrounds to work together towards a common goal.

The students are extremely excited about having the ability to learn programming through creating computer games, apps, etc.

I believe the new classroom will have a huge impact on our program.  The students are very excited to move into the new classroom.  The way it is set up, it will really be an atmosphere where students can let their creative juices flow and collaborate effectively.  If the students look forward to coming into class, they also will look forward to coming to school.  That will create a more positive outlook for those students about school in general.”

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