From the Students


“The courses are fun and insightful. They teach about history and how games came to be.  I’ve probably learned and retained more historic knowledge in this class than my actual history classes.” — Matt Currey

It’s one of the best classes that this school has. I’ve learned a lot and it’s stuck with me. This class offered so much information and that information stuck with me.” — Sydney Spath


“The new classroom will definitely show a new look to the district. Not only is West Allegheny’s focus on education and sports, but there is also an opportunity for all of us who enjoy technology to show our real selves. It will show that West Allegheny has a place for everybody.” — Kevin Hernandez

“These classes are different from my other classes because it’s very hands-on and you always seem to have interest in it.” — Sierra Baker


“This class is very interesting, so far I’ve learned a lot about the history of games and the basis of how they started. We’ve learned a lot more than I thought we would. We have tests on what we learn and it’s just like any other class except its mixing games and school together to make an awesome class. Being able to work together in class and have discussions is also what I like most about this class. In other classes we don’t really do that as much. In this class we have discussions every day whether it’s online or we are talking as a class.” — Xavier Santiago


“The new classroom will draw more attention to the course and a sense of open exploration when it comes to the designing and thinking of games either digital, or on a game board. It will allow thoughts to be more easily original in a laid back environment.” — Lucas Burmaster

“The new classroom will impact the school by showing more kids that fun exists in school and it may attract new people into the academy.” — Elyse Turner


“Being able to learn how to program, develop games, and design them in the future will be very helpful and give us the knowledge we may need in the future to get jobs we may want.” — Xavier Santiago

“I think it is a lot of fun, there’s lots of thinking and learning about old games. But now we are modding our own games which is something everyone likes to do. This is easily my favorite class.” — Jeremy Gazda

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