From the Administrators

Dr. John DiSanti

Dr. John DiSanti

“This innovative program has captured the interest and enthusiasm of our students. They see the West Allegheny Gaming Academy as a learning opportunity that is hands-on, relevant, progressive, and engaging.  The program inspires creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and real world applications, all much sought after 21st century career skills.  I love to visit the Academy and observe the high level thinking and interaction that takes place among the students. You can feel their energy and excitement for what they’re doing.” — Dr. John S. DiSanti, Superintendent of the West Allegheny School District.  

Dr. Chris Assetta

Dr. Chris Assetta

“The Zulama Entertainment Technology Academy provides a tool for our West Allegheny students to develop the skills and discipline necessary to succeed in future careers and educational pursuits. This goal is accomplished through high-interest, engaging programs that motivate students as they use technology in meaningful, authentic settings.” — Dr. Chris Assetta, Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

“Creating an Entertainment Technology Academy has opened up a new technology path for students in a unique and challenging environment.  The academy appeals to a wide variety of students, either purely out of interest or career possibilities.  The interest in the first year of our academy has been tremendous and we expect our number of interested students to continue to grow the program.” — Dan Smith, High School Principal

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